Monday, September 12, 2016

SensitiveCreations recently acquired its own website and so the blog also decided to move . Thank you so much for being a part of SensitiveCreations throughout , from now on you can read all the new posts at I look forward to seeing you there and your comments.   Happy Reading!! 

And Much Love :) 

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Beautiful Home Tour - Nidhi Singh

While I was thinking of saying hello! to you all for a long time ...this opportunity came as a surprise :) ...After a long long time opportunity to say hello with a lovely home tour...
Long back , infact some time last year during a visit to her house I had requested  my  friend Nidhi Singh,  to share some of the pictures of her such beautifully decorated house...She said she surely will and then months just went by...Last week I received a message from her saying that she has recently completed redecorating her house ..and would love to share some pictures ...Well ! then what better than a lovely home tour post...

Nidhi  is a New Jersey based lover of art and decor and loves to decorate her house . There are some people who just love to decorate and make the place beautiful ...she is one of them.  So here's a Sneak peak..into the lovely Dalveer Rajput and Nidhi Singh's house ...Their love for all things beautiful is very evident in all decor in their house.

While Nidhi Loves to decorate Dalveer is an avid plant lover...all the pots are meticulously nurtured by him ..he owns a beautiful garden full of flowers and veggies ..

You will find her house to be a touch of Traditional yet Modern..spacious yet decorated ....

From my experience of her style, she really takes her own sweet time to completely decorate her house and the results are beautiful ...Every corner is well thought of ...

Let me know of what you think about this house..Nidhi would love to hear your comments :) ...I would definitely love to show case rest of her house sometime soon ...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ganjifa Cards

Do you know about the GANJIFA Cards ? Seriously, till recently I had no idea about this art form ,till I stumbled upon a link in Jaypore where they were selling Ganjifa cards as wall art. I was pleasantly surprised ...searched a bit on our friendly Google and found out that they are actually playing cards used in the Mughal Era and are handmade in various art forms in the city of Mysore. Here's what Wikipedia has to say..

Ganjifa cards are circular or rectangular, and traditionally hand-painted by artisans. The game became popular at the Mughal court, and lavish sets were made, from materials such as precious stone-inlaid ivory or tortoise shell (darbar kalam). The game later spread to the general public, whereupon cheaper sets (bazâr kalam) would be made from materials such as woodpalm leaf, stiffened cloth or pasteboard. Typically Ganjifa cards have colored backgrounds, with each suit having a different colour. Different types exist, and the designs, number of suits, and physical size of the cards can vary considerably. The backs of the cards are typically a uniform color, without patterning.

What impressed me was the beautifully paintings so painstakingly made on each card ...depicting various Indian mythological figures and stories..I would say it is a great addition to any art lovers home ..
From what I found can get them at JayporeAmazon and Indiamart to name a few. 

and read more about them here and here 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

SrinathJi and Pichwai

Pichwai ....a spot light on the most beautiful form of Art depicting Lord Krishna, ..Pichwai is practiced in the town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan India. In this form of Art, Lord  Krishan is depicted as SrinathJi, The residing Deity of the temple of NathDwara. The temple of Nathdwara is said to be the second richest temple in India . 
The people of Nathdwara thrive mostly  on everything  which is connected with the temple. So be it the BHOG for the Mandir ( temple) the Puja Samagri or the paintngs depicting the Lord. 

Pichwai includes depicting Krishan either as almighty as he is potrayed in the mandir of Nathdwara, or showing various event of his life ...predominantly his ras leela with gopis and his youth. 

Pichwais are costly and are time taking work of art. But I can say for sure  they are one of the most enchanting pieces of art too. Apart from buying these originals directly from the artists on your visit to the temple , you can buy Pichwais, online too. There are many online sites where you can actually buy Pichwai's in various sizes. 
Mostly you should have a good budget  for the same. Some the places you can look for Pichwais are ..dollsofindia, indiamart, gopalarts,


Gopal Arts

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Let it Grow!!!

Sometimes you want to say a 100 things but your thoughts do not take the form of words. I have gone through this phase all this while...have thought of many a times of posting something ,...sharing my thoughts with the wider world ...but it just brewed ...

Well! the good news is that I have been nurturing a dream all this while and slowly working towards realizing what's the status now?? ,,hmm...the building is under construction ..some of the floors done some getting made...let me reveal ..

The Building is called NIRVAAN ,..Its a home decor store , predominantly with products , art and collectibles designed and handpainted by me ...It has been very warmly received by my next is the fraternity ...definitely looking forward to your reaction and support...what do I say except ..Let it Grow !! Let it grow !! !

16 x 16 inches cotton block print cushion covers, decorative pillow covers, red and Blue pillow covers

Banarasi Silk Cushion Cover with cotton back and zipper enclosure, 16x16 inches, Decorative Pillow , Bright Yellow decor Pillow, Zari work

Pen Holder, Basket, Knick Knack holder, Key holder, Red Pink and Yellow,Madhubani, Kalamkari

You can view the whole story on here on FaceBook and on Etsy . If you like it let me know :) 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is here!!!!

Isn't it cute that we all in the bloggy world more or less think alike , get delighted at the slightest chance of making the world colorful and are always on a look out for something beautiful ...Spring is almost here and of course I can see flowers all over :) ...However I would definitely want to thank you a few who kept my winters warm...with their heart warming articles , endevors and ethusiasm,..Thank You Anuradha Varma, Priya , Dithi, Vineeta Nair, Bhavna bhatnagar , Chandan dubey and Etsy :))..Those who are regular at design blogs would know who I am talking about..Love , Hugs and Happy decorating :)




Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's Up weekend ??

Looks like for me , its going to be putting some more effort towards my shop , taking care of a newly acquired orchid and some tax filing...whats your story ??

Find them : Here

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Well, this is about the shop...A quick hello and pop up to tell you that the shop at SC is back with some new and Gorgeous if you have a minute you can check them here  and if you like any of them you can order them right away ... :)

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A thing of beauty is Joy forever!!

Well Happiness is a State of Mind :)) and Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :)

flower market

Beauty of Dahlia


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

I am slowly discovering Christmas, the fun in wrapping gifts and delivering to friends and wrapping some and keeping them under the tree,,Collecting ornaments ,decorating the tree and of course shopping for the gifts, joy and excitement in the eye of the tiny ones while decorating the tree and waiting for gifts and getting them...its somehow become an amazing feeling Diwali and Holi , Christmas has become an important part of life :) and I am loving it ...So as I wait to unwrap the gifts tomorrow , here's Wishing each one of you a very Merry Christmas !!! 

 Images : All mine .