Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Granma's sketches and paintings

What better way than to start with the generation first, that is my grandmothers paintings and sketches...which she did way back in 1970's

Below are the Oils on Canvas..

There are many more which I will post slowly...


Sharkara said...

Juhi di you can post here, just need to click the comment icon.

deepazartz said...

Pretty sketches; from Granma-that makes it priceless,right?
The oils are also beautiful:)

Sudha said...

beautiful sketches...and wonderful paintings ..u ae so lucky that granmom is so talented..i m sure it must have rubbed off on u as well

sensitivecreations said...

Hey Deepa and Sudha,

Really, they are priceless for me, they were done sometime in 70's but look as fresh as new. My grandma continues to paint but her medium has changed now , she recently gifted me with an abstract which she did on paintbrush software Microsoft Office :)