Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vinny B Kumar and her Beautiful Cakes.

She loves to create, and her interests are many,this is about my close friend immensely talented Vinny B.Kumar. She loves to Bake, paint and take pictures and is good in all of them. I had always thought of writing about her since the inception of my blog, but I never intended to start with baking...I was more interested in featuring her paintings and photography. However, her recent baking on her mother's b'day struck me so much that I decided to blog about her baking before anything else.

Lately she has also started taking orders and bakes custom cakes, provided she has the order a week in advance, For more information you can contact her at

Here's a sneak peek into some of her creations.

The one below, is the one she baked for her mother's birthday!
This was probably the first order she took...

She baked this lego cake for her nephew's birthday celebration at his school..

And this one is my absolute favorite...she created an entire farm house and every item in the cake was edible,...that's so amazing,..isn't it

More later friends looking forward to hear from you all..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lomaharshini and Atmasat! By my Dear Grandpa Shri Atul Kumar Jain.

This post is not about the designing however , it relates to another form of art , Poetry and Story telling, I couldn't help it , I had to post it.. My Grandpa, Shri Atul Kumar Jain , had his first collection of Poems published , the preface being written by the famous writer and poet Sahitya Academy award winner Shri Arun Kamal Ji. The book is named as "Atmasat" and contains 52 beautiful poems.

Another great achievement , he had sometime back which I am equally proud of is his english translation of the novel "Lomharshini" which was originally written by Late Shri K.M Munshi Ji , the famous Gujrati writer , Thanks to my grandpa, now the new generation who is so used to reading in English rather than Hindi or gujrati can now get a taste of Indian literature in a much accessible form. The English translation has been published by the famous publishers, Bharti Vidya Bhawan.
The book is available for sale at the Bharti Vidya Bhawans website as well as at their various locations worldwide. Will try to bring some of his poems and excerpts of his novel on my blog soon ..

till then
see ya

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Pending projects completed..yippee!

My Husband's visit abroad, my daughter's cooperation and a few late nights helped me complete my long pending projects...the flower arrangement below is just an addition, the project were, the 3D memo board , I designed for my daughter's first birthday, an acrylic handpainted lamp and my first oil painting...I am looking to enhance the pictures and add borders to them to make them look even prettier , any clues and suggestions.

This memo board was for everybody to write a message for my daughter, on her birthday..after that was done , I embellished it with 3D foam flowers and animals, and painted the background with color pencils.

a plain lampshade gets converted into a colorful piece of art, with Kalamkari motifs..I have used acrylic paint and normal sketch pens to do the designs and painting.
Guys, this is my first oil painting ever, I am going cherish it forever..made on a preivously done acrylic canvas, just to test my skills, I guess I came out pretty happy, Next project already started , will post it when completed.