Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vinny B Kumar and her Beautiful Cakes.

She loves to create, and her interests are many,this is about my close friend immensely talented Vinny B.Kumar. She loves to Bake, paint and take pictures and is good in all of them. I had always thought of writing about her since the inception of my blog, but I never intended to start with baking...I was more interested in featuring her paintings and photography. However, her recent baking on her mother's b'day struck me so much that I decided to blog about her baking before anything else.

Lately she has also started taking orders and bakes custom cakes, provided she has the order a week in advance, For more information you can contact her at

Here's a sneak peek into some of her creations.

The one below, is the one she baked for her mother's birthday!
This was probably the first order she took...

She baked this lego cake for her nephew's birthday celebration at his school..

And this one is my absolute favorite...she created an entire farm house and every item in the cake was edible,...that's so amazing,..isn't it

More later friends looking forward to hear from you all..

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