Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Beautiful Indian Roads!! Amazing!!

I just tripped over this one, while visiting a very beautiful blog by Patricia Torres (amitpatty) I came acrosss a post where she mentions that she got an email from her friend... who sent her pictures about the 10 most beautiful roads in India.  Well, at least,  I could never imagine such beauty existing in our own country, specially because if you see the pictures , you will find that it has colors of fall , cherry blossoms and all that we have come to relate to the West. The only difference as usual , they have promoted their natural beauty so much and we have probably hardly thought about it...that apart, this is a must  watch and definitely worth a  visit,....

                                             Ahtong,... Sikkim
                                           Corbet Park ,...Pathway
                                                      Numaligarh ...Assam
                                             Nainital , Uttranchal
                                                   Almora, Uttranchal
                                               Patratu Valley, Jharkhand
Manali Pass

(Images Courtsey :Patrica Torres at AmitPatty)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reena Tandon's Beautiful Home and Garden In Texas!

This is my first home tour...Seriously Speaking I wasn't  very sure ,if I wanted to start home tours on my blog, reason, may be nothing came my way so interesting till yet. However this Diwali , came a surprise, I had posted my bloglink on  facebook for my friends to get a taste of my Diwali,...and there came a very sweet compliment from a very old family friend ,Reena Tandon from Texas, she said she loved my blog and was so impressed by the whole design blog community that now reading them(blogs) has become a part of her daily routine..Also she sent me a few pictures of her house and Garden because she felt, that since I share the same interest I might like her space too, What happened next ...well I was so amazed by the presence of the exotic variety  of Indian plants growing so well in her garden in Texas and the way she has Indianized the space..that I asked for her permission to feature it on my blog, and she was kind enough :)

She has named her Garden "Ashok Vatika" after the famous one in Ramayana,  coincidently her husband's name is Ashok too :) , In her own words she says , I  love my family , my kids and  my husband , but more than that I am  in love with my garden.Well that's something you can see  in the healthy blooms ...
You will find all varieties of Indian plants growing  there, There is Tulsi(Basil), Aawla, Parijaat Harsingaar, Bela Mogra, Raat ki Rani, Malti name a few, 

I wonder how she bought them here in Texas...

Here's a glimpse of what I saw...

Her House Texas 

A variety of Bela Mogra on the front Porch..

                                 Aawla Tree below...

                                   and here is Parijaat Harsingaar...
                                   Also you can see here is Tulsi with the middle,serene

and here's  Raat ki Rani, for those who know what it is isn't the scent  amazing...

                                  Garden Ganpati , and Malti lata Below..

and here is her lovely collection of Ganeshas
and this one I really found so interesting...Her Play house with all the dolls..and all beautiful knitty grittys..

Thank You Reena Aunty for Permitting me to feature your home on  my blog..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to the Family! :)

Welcoming the new addition to my collection of plants, not that I have many, but I love all that I have ....
this is  Adenium Obesum or Desert Rose as it is commonly called. Good indoor pot plant , need lots of sunlight..Well, that was the scientific part, the special story behind it is that,.. this one is, one of the most loved plants in my fathers garden back in India, Me and Dad have together grown so many of them right from the seeds and cuttings, and now they are  all grown up, ....robust big guys  with huge  pot belly's ....with loads of flowers in the season , a treat to eyes you may say :)

So when I saw one in Ikea day before, I just could not resist  picking  up .... it reminded me of my garden back there...
 I am so very excited to make this one accustomed to my house:) Well , may be Crazy me :) But I am loving it
and since this is the first one which  came after I started my blog , I thought I will showcase it :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its a New Year By Hindi Calendar! Happy New Year :)

My Diwali was Fun How was Yours ??......Here's a peek into my space on diwali...


Linking it to the Key Bunch Diwali Fest!!!and to  Emreens itz festival Time!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali!!

For those who know Hindi, and love Hindi Literature , here's a Poem on Diwali, by my Grandfather, Shri Atul Kumar Jain, ..If you remember I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about his book of poems being published , named as "Atamsat". This one is straight out of that...Double Click the image to read it properly in a new window :)

Would love to hear from you on this :) 

Take care and have a wonderful Diwali !!! 

(Image Nidhi Ghai, Poetry : Shri Atul Kumar Jain)