Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali!!

For those who know Hindi, and love Hindi Literature , here's a Poem on Diwali, by my Grandfather, Shri Atul Kumar Jain, ..If you remember I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about his book of poems being published , named as "Atamsat". This one is straight out of that...Double Click the image to read it properly in a new window :)

Would love to hear from you on this :) 

Take care and have a wonderful Diwali !!! 

(Image Nidhi Ghai, Poetry : Shri Atul Kumar Jain)


Rekha said...

Happy Diwali Sharkara, thanks for linking in the Diwali Dhamaka.

Juhi said...

The poem is haunting, beautiful, touching, nostalgic....feel inspired to write something right now- which is rare for me. When you talk to Dadaji next tell him- I can't say that i loved the poem because it is something beyond that. e-mail me his cell/home no. pls.

Love and Happy Diwali,


Prachee said...

A great poem, made me nostalgic...its so true, could relate to it. please pass on the msg to ur grandfather :) and this reminds me maybe its time for me to share another poem from my dusty corner! nothing in comparison to this but just remembered!:)