Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award! Actually..:)

Wow! I never expected it , after all I am just 25 posts 6 months infant in the blogland, ..and January brings me a pleasant surprise :) Stylish Blogger Award ! I loved it. Thank you Rekha ( from thekeybunch) for the Honor.

So now I have to divulge some 7 secrets...about me :) Nice ..let me think..
1. I love Gardening and If I am not decorating or painting , I am engaged in project gardening.
2. I have recently started Photography,  and I love the results I am getting from my DSLR.My last post Happy Friday has a picture straight out of my camera :)
3. That I am going to start my Etsy store very soon, called sensitivecreations(obviously), selling all the handmade stuff created by me , my mom and my sis-in-law.
4. That till last year I used to hate travelling , but 2010 has changed it, with the amount of traveling I did to so many places in a single year (Cape May, Tampa,Washington,Boston,New Hampshire, Chicago and India) I am not so hating it now.
5.That I love to play piano , though what I play on it is strictly Hindi classical ,semi-classical and oriental. 
6.Like Many I am an antique fan and keep collecting it from everywhere.
7. That I do US tax filings (individuals mainly), oops! this is self promotion but I guess I can do this considering, this is my blog and this is the time of the year when you are busy filing taxes. So if you haven't got a CPA yet here I am , wherever you are in US all you need to do is scan and send me your papers, and I will file your taxes at a very reasonable rate :). For more inquiries, you can write to me at

Now the hard part , here's a list to whom I would like to award the stylish Blogger Award !:)
2. Holly Becker of decor8
3. Chryselle  of frangipanidecor
4.Satrupa of foodforthought
5. Akastha of livingindecor 
6. Anu of mydreamcanvas
7. Priya of onceuponateatime

Thanks Rekha once again, I really enjoyed doing this post. 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

PawaPuri, Kundalpur and Rajgir ..

This year my visit to India took me too three places of Jain pilgrimage and tourist interest ...Pawapuri (place where Lord Mahavir attained Nirvana , you can read more about it here) , KundalPur(Birthplace of Lord Mahavir , the 24th and last of Jain Tirththankars...more about it here) and Rajgir(famous for the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Hot water springs called Brahmkunds, and Peace Pagoda besides the Japanese temple Venu Vana, more about Rajgir here)
Here's what I saw , starting with Pawapuri...Jalmandir..

Nandawart Mahal KundalPur......

 Lord Aadinath temple at KundalPur...

And Finally Rajgir , the mountains..


                                                And BrahmKunds...

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dusky Beauty...

I know , you should not ask a lady her age and also its not considered good manners to discuss a women's age, But....Can you guess how old my lady in black is ??....Well she is 62 this year :) Yes she is ....and still beautiful....A legacy of sorts, which I got as a gift from my dearest Grandpa ...this time when I went to India...her Story...My Grandpa brought her from Kashmir in 1948...and since then she has been with him...wherever his work took him( 28 locations to be precise)...and now I stand tall holding that prized possession of his sitting on my piano, a compassionate reminder of his love for me...