Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award! Actually..:)

Wow! I never expected it , after all I am just 25 posts 6 months infant in the blogland, ..and January brings me a pleasant surprise :) Stylish Blogger Award ! I loved it. Thank you Rekha ( from thekeybunch) for the Honor.

So now I have to divulge some 7 secrets...about me :) Nice ..let me think..
1. I love Gardening and If I am not decorating or painting , I am engaged in project gardening.
2. I have recently started Photography,  and I love the results I am getting from my DSLR.My last post Happy Friday has a picture straight out of my camera :)
3. That I am going to start my Etsy store very soon, called sensitivecreations(obviously), selling all the handmade stuff created by me , my mom and my sis-in-law.
4. That till last year I used to hate travelling , but 2010 has changed it, with the amount of traveling I did to so many places in a single year (Cape May, Tampa,Washington,Boston,New Hampshire, Chicago and India) I am not so hating it now.
5.That I love to play piano , though what I play on it is strictly Hindi classical ,semi-classical and oriental. 
6.Like Many I am an antique fan and keep collecting it from everywhere.
7. That I do US tax filings (individuals mainly), oops! this is self promotion but I guess I can do this considering, this is my blog and this is the time of the year when you are busy filing taxes. So if you haven't got a CPA yet here I am , wherever you are in US all you need to do is scan and send me your papers, and I will file your taxes at a very reasonable rate :). For more inquiries, you can write to me at

Now the hard part , here's a list to whom I would like to award the stylish Blogger Award !:)
2. Holly Becker of decor8
3. Chryselle  of frangipanidecor
4.Satrupa of foodforthought
5. Akastha of livingindecor 
6. Anu of mydreamcanvas
7. Priya of onceuponateatime

Thanks Rekha once again, I really enjoyed doing this post. 



Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

How sweet, thank you for the award:-) Your blog has some amazing pictures. Good luck and I am a follower.

Rekha said...

OOh, that was nice, knowing so much talent bundled out there :)

Satrupa said...

Thank you very much for the Award. I appreciate that :-D It was very nice to know so many things about you in the first encounter.
I wish you the very best in everything and in the blogging world.


sharkara jain said...

@Anu, Thanks for the compliment and accpting the award ,huge encouragement you becoming a follower, now looking forward to your secrets :)

@ Rekha you always come up with something nice and exciting , the new DIY Party looks really interesting, see an entry from me too pretty soon.

@ Satrupa, thanks for visiting and accepting the award, just to mention I loved those pictures you posted sometime back , of two maple leaves on Car window, that picture was awesome, someday I am going to post them on my blog as well, definitely with your permission.

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sharkara,
Thanks a super ton ... being loved is amazing ... so thanks and a bigger thanks ... I do remember you leaving me comments soemtime back ... and I am off to explore your blog ... :)

sharkara jain said...

Hi Rajee,

So Sweet of you to accept the award and visit my blog.. really...... it is a very pleasant surprise and a great encouragement knowing that you've become a follower :)Wow! Thanks for brightening my day.

Frangipani Decor said...

Thanks for the award, Sharkara! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor

A. Naik said...

Hey Sharkara ! Thanks for giving me the credit... just finished the post... have a great week..