Friday, March 4, 2011

Laura Trevey and BB&B

Blog hopping in  most cases is tagged by non bloggers as  a  wastage of time. However, for blog addicts like me it is like strolling on a beach and collecting seashells or sea glasses,..... sometimes you find beautiful ones and  sometimes ordinary, and there are times when you find something extraordinary beautiful....and this is what has happened this time, when I tripped on something really very beautiful...a colorful blog by Laura Trevey, named brightboldbeautiful, as the name suggest it actually is a very bright colorful blog, where Laura showcases her beautiful artworks(watercolors) and shares her views on home living , blogging and various other topics, Here are the pictures which will give you an idea of what I am talking about..and to explore further you can always hop on to her blog here :)

Caribbean Blue

Hosta Leaves, Set of 4 Watercolor Prints

Container Garden, Watercolor Print
Bright Flowers, Original Watercolor Painting


Neha@Allthingsbeautiful said...

Very pretty paintings, I must say! Will definitely check out her blog.

ATUL JAIN said...

One is apt to feel that to be creative one must write or paint or compose music.However,I feel that your successive Blogs,showcasing a galaxy of paintings,pieces of exqusite emboidery,pottery and other beautiful art objects.selected by you,intutionally whatever comes your way,are equally a creative offering.
They induct into us,your viewers,your very own sense of awareness and sensitiveness to them,transforming us from merely being their passive spectators into active participants in them,adding a new perspective,richness and depth to our lives.Please accept my congratulations for your very creative blog..... atul jain

sharkara jain said...

Thank You Grandpa.