Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is it Anthropologie! :) :)

Don't go by the header...Just Kidding , hehhee....This is my maiden attempt with Mosaic on a 12*12 Mirror. Using some small colored tiles, some glass beads and some grout, results are not bad , but I have a long way to go I know....I would love to hear your inputs, ideas and criticism. Now let the pictures do the talking  while I wait for your comments.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

There is something about Mexico!! :)

If you are wondering why both Neha and me are writing about the same place , Mexico, then let me give you the reason...We both went to this vacation together and  loved it in our own ways.Mexico is definitely a versatile place and offers something for all sorts of vacationers , Let me also tell you how....If you are someone who just wants to go out to relax and do nothing , you have all inclusive resorts at very reasonable prices and they will pamper you like no body else,.... if you are a beach enthusiast then they have plenty of them and that too very beautiful ones,.... if you love to visit history they have that too in abundance...(The whole Mayan culture belongs to Mexico) and if you love what I love ...arts (read Pottery ) then you are at the right place :) Here's a dekko at what caught my eyes in Mexico :) ...

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Glass art with a difference.:)

Visiting a very good friend of mine , I came across something really interesting this weekend , A very fine piece of glass art by her son. When you first see the result you cannot imagine it was done by a 4 year old..but when you speak to his mommy who proudly describes the effort :) you realize , that it is a very doable one.The attractive part is that it is done on glass .  gluing all the pieces of glass together as per your idea and then using a kiln to fuse them together. .Though this  is not a very common craft idea we use to engage our kids, but there are art and glass factories which provide such platform, where you can do such stuff with all the materials they provide , of course at a price :). Isn't  it a gorgeous piece, and great way of using the time you spend with your kid,specially for crafty people like us, I am already on my way to try this out pretty soon. Thank you Bindiya and Shorya ( he did this) for sharing your beautiful piece with us:) 

Take Care !:)

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is not just another Home Tour! :) Peek into the beautiful world of Patricia Torres :)

I am sure , anybody who is familiar with the Indi blogland knows Patricia Torres and her  blogs very well. She is truly and absolutely one of the most versatile blogger I have come across. I also find her inspirational because of the way she handles things in her life. A mother of two, a career woman , an artist ,great photographer,  a design enthusiast and a dedicated blogger. I am sure there are many other facets and talents which I don't know yet. :)Wow! How do you handle everything so smoothly Patricia ??? ...I wonder and I admire :)

I feel great to have the pleasure of featuring her home on my blog. So kind of her that I requested and she agreed....There were so many beautiful pictures, that it was extremely difficult for me to chose....after much thinking I decided to go with her current mood present she has decorated her space with a lotus you see it was included in her Diwali decorations and then it moved to her living room ...and .. if you look at it closely,... there are very fine details which comply to that mood...I also could not but help adding a few other pictures other than the lotus theme, which I found irresistible. Like her backyard, the hand painted cabinet in her daughter's room and a really nice Friday click by her ( guys today is Friday , I write)

Have a Happy Friday!and a great weekend ahead , will catch you again and of course hop on to Patty's blog ColoursDekor to treat yourself a bit more with the visuals.

Images: Courtsey Patricia Torres

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday! and some Instant Makeovers :))

Instant Makeovers!, Well the idea came from one of the posts from Rajee Sood about spray painting the pebbles and using them as decorations..and before I could do mine she came with another post about a beautiful frame makeover...and then I couldn't wait ,'s such a two mintue job and the results are beautiful.I can't show you the before pictures because I forgot to click them ..(whew!) but here are the after ones  :))....the first one was a brown wooden frame now turned into a royal golden and the vase below was a metal black turned golden and sits pretty on my center table :)

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Is this My first Project?? But I love it :))

Hey! All you creative people out here, I wonder how many of you have a day job entirely different from your leisure time passions, like designing , writing etc,etc,...mine is and some time I am so perplexed as to how to manage both in a balanced way. Sometime I also feel ,  that is it possible that I turn my passion into a full time job?? ... but how? I don't have a portfolio or a degree in what I like to do ( possibly interior designing or painting) , so where do I start ?It's a dilemma...Do you have a solution or a suggestion , please do write to me... I really look forward to your inputs...

On the same note , let me showcase some parts of possibly my first job in the field of design (you may say), a friend of mine bought a beautiful , big house sometime back and trusted me with decision of colors. So here's Color Scheme  I suggested her for each of the rooms...the pictures are of the time when the paint job was still in progress,... will also showcase the finished product soon :)

The First three pictures are of her Master Bedroom ...

Then these two below ...are her kids Playroom ...

As she has two boys ..this is the color scheme I suggested her for their Bedroom...

And a shade of brown for her guest Bedroom ...

Still in progress.. this one is her Dining Room , ...

I am particularly fond of her kitchen and then there is her Family room bright and energetic , both of which I will showcase later...
Take care and hope to hear from you :) ...