Monday, May 23, 2011

A Glass art with a difference.:)

Visiting a very good friend of mine , I came across something really interesting this weekend , A very fine piece of glass art by her son. When you first see the result you cannot imagine it was done by a 4 year old..but when you speak to his mommy who proudly describes the effort :) you realize , that it is a very doable one.The attractive part is that it is done on glass .  gluing all the pieces of glass together as per your idea and then using a kiln to fuse them together. .Though this  is not a very common craft idea we use to engage our kids, but there are art and glass factories which provide such platform, where you can do such stuff with all the materials they provide , of course at a price :). Isn't  it a gorgeous piece, and great way of using the time you spend with your kid,specially for crafty people like us, I am already on my way to try this out pretty soon. Thank you Bindiya and Shorya ( he did this) for sharing your beautiful piece with us:) 

Take Care !:)

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Simran said...

Wow! Very beautiful. Love the colours. Would your friend know if there is any place in Bangalore where we can do this?

sensitivecreations said...

I don't think so Simran, she stays here in US and doesn't know about that part much, however I can suggest you to search for some stain glass shops they might tell you about a place like this :)

Ambika said...

This is brilliant.. yeah even I don't think there is a place like this in Bangalore. Only know of Claytopia where you can paint on clay items, and they'll glaze it for you.
Oh this piece is beautifully done!