Friday, June 17, 2011

Tribute to Mr. MF Hussain continues ..

If you scroll down you will see that I just recently did a post on Mr. M.F. Hussain . One of my friends , reader and co- blogger Soumya Gopal was going through it and she felt that she also wanted to share some of her thoughts and memories on this ...She is a fashion designer by profession and recently started blogging. So I thought why not and invited her to share her thoughts. She has also written this post on her blog which you can find here as well as go through the other posts she has made. This post is about her memories of a museum call "Cinema Ghar" showcasing his work which she visited as a student when she was studying Fashion at NIFT Hyderabad.Read Soumya's words.

Cinema Ghar!

As i read this blog on M F Hussain, on could not resist myself but write about his "Cinema Ghar" , an unconventional museum cum residence of M F Hussain located in the posh Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. I as a student got the opportunity to visit this creative den .

The building of "Cinema Ghar" is quite magical in itself with M F Husain's trade mark sketches cut out on the building. Its not like an ordinary museum , with dead facts instead it has live paintings on the walls and the moving images of song and dance on celluloid. There is a big library dedicated to arts and films and a 40 seater cinema theater for preview . There is a special section too devoted to making films without sound and colour, like in the early history of indian cinema . Overall i would say Cinema Ghar was his way to celebrate life on canvas and silver screen. After visiting this place my respect for him was beyond words.
During our visit i also saw some special things Hussain has done beyond paintings, his furniture. He designed some unique furniture made out of wooden logs . They were unfinished and unpolished but very modern . The hangers in his wardrobe which no one has even written about....were as creative as his paintings.
Even though i never took any pics when i visited Cinema Ghar as a student...i still have its image in my mind....his life size paintings of Gaja Gamini, horses, Ganesh and many more....while we were leaving the "Cinema Ghar"...we were told we could leave a note for Mr. M F Hussain in the visitor's diary. We all took our own time writing praises about the painter , one of our classmates even drew his caricature .....But whatever we could have written or people can ever write about him ,he was undoubtedly the" Picasso of India" and has influenced the whole generation of artist in our country. May his soul rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing Soumya.

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