Friday, July 29, 2011

WeekEnd Wishes! :) Will see you in August :)

You know what, I have been talking about this ever since I started blogging....but finally now the idea is taking shape...some of you might remember so very much I wanted my Grandpa to write a guest post for me...but somehow for one reason or the other, it just didn't work out  ...and now, finally after an year and 2 months...well! I am that old now (My blog folks ;)..we (me and him) have decided to have a regular guest column/post from him every Friday /Monday.So in a way he will be a visiting/honorary blogger on my blog . Isn't that cool!!!!.... So,initially, He would start with Sensitive "Wisdom Words"..that's what he calls his collection of quotes and thoughts  , which he has collected over last 65 years .These quotes and thoughts have been expressed by visionaries, greats and masters in their fields , and some are his own too...each one as precious as the other...then as he gets comfortable, more point of views and discussions would follow...I am definitely looking forward to that :)

And on that note's Wishing you a Lovely WeekEnd!!!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warli Fun!!

I have been thinking of doing this , for as soon as Rekha and Sharon started the Warli Carnival ...For the starters , let me brief you a bit about Warli...
Warli is a form of Indian Tribal art predominantly practised in Maharashtra and Gujrat...quoting Wikepedia

"The Warli culture portrays one of the best examples of man - environment interaction. Their indigenous practices are proof of how the tribals, though illiterate, had the mechanism to preserve the environment.

Life of the Warlis begins with the cradle ceremony by which a child is admitted into the tribe. The next is the lagin (initiation into adulthood with marriage); and the third is the maran and the dis (rites of death and ancestor-ship). The fourth is the zoli ceremony which has two parts: 'empowering' the child to face life in the forest and introducing the child to the community, which is the basis of Warli life."You can read more about the art form here...

Now the Fun Part,'s been long time since I participated in a Key Bunch Carnival... they (Rekha and Sharon) are one of my favorite people in the blog world, because they were actually the first ones to acknowledge and welcome me in.. when I just joined... and that was a huge encouragement .....I am sure they won't even remember :) ,...
I have been thinking of participating everytime they had a carnival  this year but haven't been able to ...(last year I participated in quite a few and I was delighted ) ....So this time when they put up the Warli Carnival ...I was sure I had to...but the problem was ..I had never drawn Warli before ...and I was also not sure what to draw on...and this made the month of July pass on day after day..:)..... but then day before y'day ...I was going through Rachana Saurabh's Warli work at her blog it struck me about a small attempt at making some Warli coasters...inspiration ..definitely Rachana Saurabh's Work ...motivation of Course Key Bunch ....and when you see the end results ...I think I am pleased ...what do you think??

Friday, July 22, 2011

FriDay FriDay ..I love you more :)

Hey ! You  there , all of you Wishing you a Great Weekend! Enjoy and Have Fun , but at the same time Stay cool and keep yourself hydrated...and if you are as tired as I am ..take rest :) I hope to get some too :)
See you on the other side of the Weekend :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dates, Palms, Dubai and Summer :)

"When it is hot we want Cold
 When it is Cold we want Hot
And always pine for what is NOT "
                   - Ogden Nash
If I am  wrong, then correct me but from what I remember this is a small poem by famous American Poet Ogden Nash , which so rightly describes our  state of mind. By our I mean largely all of us......isn't that true..this thought came to my mind while I was reading a post by a fellow blogger Ash of Everyday is a Miracle,... in her post she described about the summertime in Dubai and how everybody in Dubai is so very bothered by the scorching heat...It's so true , since the weather in Dubai is hot, people look forward to cooler times but when you speak to people here who live in freezing temperatures most of the year.. summer is what they look forward to...well! that was about seasons and feelings..:)
But more than that what caught my eye about the post was the beautiful pictures of Palm trees full of dates , the green ones, the pink ones and the fully riped ones beautifully clicked by Ash...I could not resist my self from asking her permission to feature those pictures on my made me reminiscent of my visits to Dubai ...Howz your summer coming along my friends ? Anything new and interesting??

Friday, July 15, 2011

Frames and Parrots! :)

Startled by the title :)....don't be's just a new frame.... a new addition to my collection of frames...that being said, this is a little unique one ...well the look of it makes it so ...When I first spotted it almost a  month back  , I was sure I wanted to buy it ...but the price tag wasn't as attractive I kept pondering and tracking ...and approximately a month  later, after following it online, I finally gave in to my temptation ...So what do you think of it...Also would love your suggestions on what to put inside it, a picture, a photograph , then what kind of photograph ...or simply a painting ???? Your suggestions most Welcome :) Do pour them :)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer is Precious!

May be not everybody will agree...but for people like us who spent most of the year freezing's a blessing and it's soooooooo precious....We pray that it prolongs, that the good weather continues little longer , that the kids get to play a little more outdoors and that we get to swim and barbeque a little more ...and of course wear just T shirts and head outside without worrying of putting loads of woollens ( well that's a luxury for us ) .... I know..I know , everything has a time ... Nature has its rules ...seasons come and better enjoy when you have it ...and Make Memories,....Memories which will comfort you till you see the summer again :) ..How are you spending your summer my gorgeous friends ..share with me ..

On that note here are a few clicks from my shutterbug during the recent months :)capturing the colors of summer ..:) Enjoy and Have a Great Weekend !:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Polymer Clay Jewelery by Anna Oriona!

Just recently I was dabbling with an idea to try my hands in polymer clay , and was doing some research of sorts to get comfortable with the material , that's where I came across this sheer genius, a cool crafter named Anna Oriona. She is an artist engaged in manufacturing of costume jewellery from polymer clay. She also takes classes in polymer clay and has a shop in Russia selling these items and she also sells on etsy. You can read more about it here. For now isn't it amazing piece of work by a master crafter...Enjoy and do leave me a note if you liked it..





Украшение к платью

Friday, July 8, 2011

Travel Destination Puerto Rico!

How was the week my pals ....if it was bright and energetic ( it's summer after all ) Great! but if not then let me help uplift your mood a bit by showing off something really bright and colorful..
It's on my list of places to visit, when do I get to visit it ,... I don't know,...but I do know why I am attracted to it,'s definitely because of so much of color it exudes...Aren't these colorful buildings any designer's delight,
 yup! I sure am so enchanted by anything that is bright and colorful, and Puerto Rico is just that...May be that's the reason  I love Jaipur (another one on my travel destination's portfolio) and I loved Mexico....
are there any such cities you know of, which are as colorful and have some history , I would love to know about them ....

These are the pictures of Old San Juan both up and below, San Juan is one of the most famous cities in Puerto Rico and has quite a bit of history to it..




Old San Juan
So howz your Friday coming along friends....I am just waiting for the weekend...though I know it will fly away in a blink....nevertheless, I am eagerly waiting....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tuberoses,Jasmines and Gardenia's!

How many of you have stayed in the Northen India , and that also in summer and in rains, and how many of you have noticed the beauty that shines during all these months in the gardens in the form of white twinkling flowers of Bela Mogra(Jasmine), Chandni, Raat ki Rani, Gandhraj(Gardenia) and the RajniGandha(Tuberoses) ,each smell as intoxicating as the other,... and along the side streets in the form of amber Amaltash (laburnums) and firey Gulmohars...


Those who have experienced it will agree,it was awesome times....I am sure who still experience the summer there( which has gradually become more and more scorching) will agree too....what made me more nostalgic ...was this...the other day I was reading a facebook entry of one of our friends in Delhi where she mentioned about the rains coming in , and the weather being pleasant , they sitting in their Garden and having hot Chai(tea) and mathri(Indian snack) ,...well that comment of her's made all of us here sigh! and of course nostalgic...We used to do it so often , infact I did a post sometime back about my terrace garden, which must be blooming with all these flowers now... I am so remembering India ....and I am so missing my grandparents and family..

My Grandpa...Ever energetic and always on a move...It was his birthday , the 26th of June , So I take this opportunity to  thank him and say once again , I love you are my inspiration and motivation and a very special person in my life and will always be.Thank you is not enough,for all you have given me, the knowledge I have inherited from you about such wide variety of things is invaluable.:)and I will always be grateful :)

I am finally  reading some novels after a long long time(suggestions welcome) . ,  ...If you remember some time back I wrote about my Grandpa's translation of a novel by Late Shri KM Munshi(Lomaharshini) and his book of poetry (Atamsat)both now published and available for can read about it here & here ..and all this time a copy of the translation (Lomharshini) which he so lovingly gave to me was just lying with me ..It was the other day that I finally started reading it and realized what a beautiful work he has done out of it. I am so fortunate to have read all his poems as they were written, and have experienced it's making first hand...with his never say die spirit , he is still writing and this time short stories in Hindi , will share some of them with you soon...

Also wanted to wish ,A very Happy birthday to one of my oldest friend . She shares the same birth date as my Grandpa.and has been with me ever since I understood friendship.

and Here's the Big Gulmohar back from my Garden....and if you notice by its side there's a beautiful pink Frangipani blooming :)

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