Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dates, Palms, Dubai and Summer :)

"When it is hot we want Cold
 When it is Cold we want Hot
And always pine for what is NOT "
                   - Ogden Nash
If I am  wrong, then correct me but from what I remember this is a small poem by famous American Poet Ogden Nash , which so rightly describes our  state of mind. By our I mean largely all of us......isn't that true..this thought came to my mind while I was reading a post by a fellow blogger Ash of Everyday is a Miracle,... in her post she described about the summertime in Dubai and how everybody in Dubai is so very bothered by the scorching heat...It's so true , since the weather in Dubai is hot, people look forward to cooler times but when you speak to people here who live in freezing temperatures most of the year.. summer is what they look forward to...well! that was about seasons and feelings..:)
But more than that what caught my eye about the post was the beautiful pictures of Palm trees full of dates , the green ones, the pink ones and the fully riped ones beautifully clicked by Ash...I could not resist my self from asking her permission to feature those pictures on my made me reminiscent of my visits to Dubai ...Howz your summer coming along my friends ? Anything new and interesting??

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Ash said...

Thank you Sharkara for your write-up about my blog in your page. Loved it!
Cheers, Ash