Friday, July 29, 2011

WeekEnd Wishes! :) Will see you in August :)

You know what, I have been talking about this ever since I started blogging....but finally now the idea is taking shape...some of you might remember so very much I wanted my Grandpa to write a guest post for me...but somehow for one reason or the other, it just didn't work out  ...and now, finally after an year and 2 months...well! I am that old now (My blog folks ;)..we (me and him) have decided to have a regular guest column/post from him every Friday /Monday.So in a way he will be a visiting/honorary blogger on my blog . Isn't that cool!!!!.... So,initially, He would start with Sensitive "Wisdom Words"..that's what he calls his collection of quotes and thoughts  , which he has collected over last 65 years .These quotes and thoughts have been expressed by visionaries, greats and masters in their fields , and some are his own too...each one as precious as the other...then as he gets comfortable, more point of views and discussions would follow...I am definitely looking forward to that :)

And on that note's Wishing you a Lovely WeekEnd!!!!



Sarmistha said...

Absolutely looking forward to your Grandpa's visit every week in your blog.Will be great readings.Very nice idea

Sharkara Jain said...

Thank You, Sarmistha :)

Shanthi said...

WOW!!!! what a lovely thing to do - the sweetest I have ever had. Looking forward to this.

Patricia Torres said...

Awesome !! :-) Truly awesome!!