Monday, August 15, 2011

Sensitive Words!( celebrating the 2500th Year of the Written Word)

"Wishing  a Very Very Happy Independence Day to All the Indians"
'Lokpal Authority' The current and a very prominent issue currently doing rounds in the Indian political scene and also invoking deep interest from the masses as well, thanks to Mr. Anna Hazare. Here's my Grandpa's take on that , and then don't miss the weekly Quota of good thoughts underneath :) Your opinions and suggestions welcome :)

Composition of proposed Indian Lokpal Authority --- a suggestion on this extremely controversial issue

"Generally speaking age does command respect and trust in  human society. Specifically speaking, retired Supreme Court judges do so, abundantly having had occupied the top position in the constitutional
hierarchy of our country. As such ,they do provide a viable alternative to the vexed question of the composition of the proposed Lokpal body within the framework of the constitution.
In my humble opinion, the Lokpal authority at the Centre and in the States should be composed of only retired Supreme Court and High Court Judges, respectively below the age of 75 years to be transparently
appointed in order of their seniority in age  and to retire at the age of 77.Their salary should be only next to that of the President.The PM and Judiciary should be answerable to this august body.
The proposed appointees would fully meet the twin requirements of being from the civil society and having the highest sense of integrity, honesty and truthfulness besides having deep knowledge of the multifarious laws, rules and regulations of our country which would necessarily be required in the performance of their duties to root out the cancer of corruption at high places"
- Atul Kumar Jain,.
New Area, Dalmianagar 

and Here's something to make you think and Smile and may be inspire

 1. If I could rearrange the alphabets I would put "U" and "I" closer together.
 2. How did the great seas gain domain over the rivers? By being
lower than them.
 3.A woman is like a teabag. You never know her strength until she
is in hot water....Mrs Nancy Reagan
  4. An optimist sees the rose, a pessimist the thorn.

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Just a Thought said...

What about all those Commissions of Inquiry & Commitees where some or other SC Judges are either Chairperson or members? Do any of those help in anyway( except perhaps burdening the Public Exchequer) about tackling any of the issues for which they were formed?? Is it not a fact that SC Judges are appointed mostly from HC Judges or other Jurists who themselves were part and parcel of creating the legal mess our country faces today? By appointing them in the Lokpal Body, are we not restricting ourselves? Fight for a strong Lokpal is supposed to be a symbol not an End All & Be All of a cure for the cancer of corruption.
Anil Kumar Singh, Ahmedabad.

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