Monday, August 8, 2011

Sensitive Words! (celebrating the 2500th Year of the Written Word )

I should have started this column with the words below , but some how it didn't click to me at that time when I did the first posting of the "Words of Wisdom". But as they say :) Better late than never..
Here are thoughts expressed by my Grandpa in a mail regarding our discussion and idea about him contributing to the blog ...In his words

"Your Blog "Sensitive Creations"covers many human expressions in various fields but a very important area of the "Written Word" is conspicuous by its absence.Besides God's awe inspiring cosmic creations, Man's emotions and thoughts, not too remotely akin to them, were expressed in elusive oral words,till as late as 2400 years ago.The birth of the written words,thereafter, marked an epoch making step in the evolution of human civilisation,as they crystallised the amorphous oral into concrete written form."

"May I suggest to you to provide a small space entitled "Sensitive written Words" in it for which I can regularly e-mail to you precious words from my lifelong collection of quotes from world masters? This idea is in response to your earlier suggestion to me to contribute to your Blog at least once a month...... dadu.."

and here's his response to my first post :)

Your Aug 1 issue was eye-catching.It also displayed the four quotations sent by me.My feeling is that instead of the caption "Words of Wisdom" it may be more matching with your Blog and more appealing if you consider " Sensitive Written Words " or "Sensitive Words" followed underneath in italics by "celebrating the
2500th year of the birth of the Written Word" in bracket.It is,surprisingly, a scarcely known historical fact despite its great importance in the evolution of human civilisation as mentioned by me earlier.In today's world of mushrooming anniversaries for little known events,our initiative in this direction for the written word
would be singular and unique.
 And so you see the change in the title :)
and here we present his choicest thoughts for this week

 1)The words that enlighten our soul are more precious than gold and jewels.

2) To do is your duty,fruit is not thy concern.....Bhagwan Krishna

3)There is no such thing as pursuit of happiness and joy-- they are mysterious and elusive.Their small measure attainable by man exists only in so far as he is able to cease to think of himself.

4)Nature has given women so much power that law has very wisely given them little....Samuel Johnson .

As usual I hope they would motivate and inspire you this week and more...



Sarmistha said...

loving this post.i look forward to your Dadu's post .Nice way to be reminded and associated of things we often tend to forget in this hectic world.the change in the post title is definitely catchy !!

Sharkara@sensitivecreations said...

Thank you Sarmistha, you are a great admirer, I am glad I have you :)

Simran said...

Awww! I loved the whole exchange between granddaughter and grandpa! :)You are blessed! and thanks for linking back the picture.

Sharkara@sensitivecreations said...

anytime Simran!

Patricia Torres said...

lovely image from Sims post.. Love the post too.. Awesome !!

Soumya said...

After reading this post i wish i could really meet your Dadu some day....loved the quotes and the new title "sensitive written words".....will definitely look forward to reading more from him...regards to Dadu.

GB said...

This is so inspiring. Hats off to your grandfather for sharing some of his wisdom with us. I love the sentiment behind this section and I hope to read many many posts of this nature.

Thank you sir for your enriching our days with your collection of quotes!