Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to our Hearts and Homes!!

Welcome to our Hearts and Homes, Ma Durga :) our international readers you can read more about this festival here 

Happy Mahalya and Durga Puja to all of who celebrate

Image: Indranath Bhattacharya

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sensitive Words! (Celebrating the 2500th birth anniversary of the Written Word)

Presenting below once again a poem,this time by your very own Ms Sharkara Jain,celebrating in her own 
words " her firm stand braving all odds". She had e-mailed it to me a long time back in the year 2004 after she first landed in New York.Three Cheers for her :

The Sun,the Moon 'n the Stars,
Constantly watch us from afar,
Gazing  at them with awe 'n respect,
A simple lesson  I always get;

Though it's but human to yield to emotions,
 Yet standing firm braving all odds,
 And churning out earthy solutions,
 Those who so dare,deserve all-round applause.
        ...... Sharkara Jain

Grandpa, thanks for the one above , I had actually forgotten about it, totally till you told me, then I went to my diary and flipped the pages and found it there...I feel so honored that you noted it down and found it worthy of mentioning it here :)

and guys, here's some food for thought :) This time creativity is the flavor ...

1.For many of us the word 'creativity' has a wall around it and we are on the outside.We protest that we have no gifts and that creativity is for geniuses. This,however,is wrong thinking, since creativity is not so much an aptitude as an attitude and therefore applicable anywhere from making a lemon pie to writing a poem or painting a beautiful  landscape...... Michael Drury

2.The story is told of a lady who rushed up to a great violinist after a concert and cried " I would give my life to play as you do." And the violinist answered soberly,"I did.",,,,, ibid

3.For peace of mind,resign as general manager of the universe....Larry Eisenberg

4.There is no odour as bad as that which arises from goodness tainted..... H D Thoreau

Compilation: Shri Atul Kumar Jain
Image: Mine , find me on Etsy

Friday, September 23, 2011

WeekEnd Wishes and Some Eye Candy!

I am so very much in a state where I need a vacation....but for now I guess it has to wait....well, then what is the other way to feel better and happy ...I guess for me it would be design , decor and more decor...browsing through blogs, here are somethings which caught my eye this week, all found on Bhavna's an indian summer....she picks up these amazing pictures from various sources on the web ( each one is credited )...I can't but drool on all of them ....hope you enjoy them too...

and hope you have a relaxing weekend!!! Well , I am in need of one I write :)).....

Take care and see you on the other side:)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it Friday Yet!!!

Is it friday yet!!, ....Well I have been asking this to myself for the last three days...stressed and tired ...need some rest...Well Well, let me bring some cheers to you , isn't this picture below lovely :)) ...the yellow flower odd one out ....looks like saying hang on , You will be fine....Well , that's what I need to do :) ...Hey !! will see you on Friday with some more finds, for now ... this one is a pick from Sarah's gorgeous clicks ...

Image: Via

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cars !! Anyone :)

This was one of the most awaited Birthday Parties of the year for me ...two reason , one of course ...celebrating as our dear Anay (our close friends son ) turned one ...the other ...I was looking forward to the decorations...and I can say it was worth the wait...the mother is  awesome at decorations ...and you will agree once you see the
pictures below :) ....The party was themed as "CARS"...and so everything you can imagine associated with cars will find it here ...Everything was  meticulously depicted ...details in the decorations were amazing.... and actually at times you had to look closely , because there were areas , where if you don't , you would miss the details ....So without further delay ..Let me take you the the Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts ..those on formula one ...wear your helmets ..and here we Go .....Vroommmm!!!!!!

The Entrance to The Party Hall

The Traffic Light

The Directions

The Signs !!

The Party favors(return Gifts)

The Table Center Pieces

You could refuel yourself Here...!! The Gas station, and the Expressway to the Lunch Table

Party at a Glance !!

Little Car Themed Knick Knacks for the kids ....during the Party ..

And How Could we miss the Car themed Birthday Cake !!

And of course's the Mother at work..

Happy Birthday Anay !! It was an awesome ride!!!

Well, did you enjoy the ride much as I did ....if you did then do write to me and let me know :)

Will be back with more soon ...till then ..

Take Care ...and drive Safely :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sensitive Words! (Celebrating the 2500th birth anniversary of the Written Word)

Oh Wow”/ “So What” The capacity to remain aware to the delight of small things that easily go unnoticed and to do this with undiluted joy, much like when we were like children--a starry night sky, tiny wild flowers hidden in the grass, the sound of flowing water, the touch of a loved one, a piece of music, the kindness of strangers, the laughter of a child, a frolicking puppy, a dramatic stormy night, a peaceful dawn.What triggers wonder is all around us every moment, in abundance. To rediscover “Oh Wow” as distinct from“SoWhat”can be seen almost as a spiritual practice
…. anonymous

 It's all spirituality this week...This weekend we went to a Satyanarayan Pooja ( a Hindu Ritual you can read more about it  here) at a friends place and so you see the image ..and posts by my Grandpa...  also refelects the same sentiments...... and here find the coins of thoughts from his treasury...reflecting the same thoughts above ...

1. Listen to your convictions,even if they seem absurd to your reason….Ancient Egyptian inscription

2. Conviction brings a silent indefinable beauty into faces built of the commonest human clay…Balzac
3. With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity…Keshwan Nair

4, You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself….The Buddha

(Weekly Guest Post : By Shri Atul Kumar Jain )
Image: SJ ....

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

Not much to write this week, somehow the week was spent running...busy one it was....winter is unfolding even before's going be really cold this weekend here...stay warm and Have fun...sharing above is a picture I clicked last weekend ...
Have a Great Weekend My friends !!

Image: SJ
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sensitive Words! (Celebrating the 2500th birth anniversary of the Written Word)

Poems occupy the prime pride of place amongst sensitive written words because they are the most intense and economical expressions of the elusive human heart. As such, presented below to you today, to be followed intermittently in future editions, are a few lines of one of the immortal poets, which would get you nostalgic of your young romantic school days when those words, probably, formed part of your literature text book :

D a f f o d i l s
I wondered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all atonce I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake,beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

                        …….. William Wordsworth

Isn't that true what he said above , I so agree with you Grandpa,..I have read this poem long back in my school days and also with you ..I remember you reciting some of these ...and also some more from John Keats and Ogden Nash ...and likes to me ...when I used to visit you during my summer vacations...those are such prized memories of's such a pleasure to revisit them again and to recollect them in my blog that they will be with me forever in a tangible form....Thanks a zillion for your effort..

Image :via

and readers's the weekly quota of food for thought :

1. The pessimist complains about the wind.The optimist expects it to change.The realist adjusts the sail.

2. You can’t change anyone, your father, your mother or your wife ! Change yourself first.

3. God could not be present everywhere. Therefore He made mothers.

4. Life is full of surprises. Each one is a gift from the Unknown.Is it not a surprise when the Sun rises, the birds start chirping, when the seed becomes a tree and from the tree seeds are born? In the finite seed, infinite possibilities are hidden

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Girl!!

It's my Birthday tomorrow...hehehe ...not that I am very excited...but definitely planning to pamper my self little bit...:)...all ?? Well!!! I guess , would buy myself some flowers...make some yummy cake..(hopefully..)...I make good cake so would like to have some of that this B'day...may be shop a bit ...and splurge a bit by buying a painting print ..I have been thinking of long time :) ...hehehehhiiiihehehhe...and I think that's enough to make my Hubby freak out :)... 's a Very Happy Birthday to me ! What's say Mr. Blog!!!

and a very nice weekend to all of you !!:)
Take care and if you have not yet read the exciting and interesting interview of Patty till now , go for it, it's just after this post !!:)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colors Dekor and Patricia Torres!! :)

There are so many bloggers in the blog land whom we love but there are some who have created a place of their own and stand out in this ever growing creative crowd ...I would say Patricia Torres... lovingly known as Patty is one of them. What makes her different, well, in my opinion,.... her dedication to blogging, her extraordinary social skills, (you can see her comments in almost every bloggers's corner you would go to ) , that's the kind of encouragement she provides to all the bloggers new and old...her continuous creative endeavors which she shows off in her posts, and her energy and time management skills ...
"ENERGY and TIME Management" this is something which actually amazed me ever since I came to know  her....since long I had always wanted to ask her , about this and many more ...and it's when I ran out of patience or you can say when my inquisitiveness took over, I did something the result of which you would read below:) ...well... I asked/requested/invited her to do a guest post... cum chit chat session on my blog.......and Patricia, lovingly opened up ,
....thanks to the Internet , you can have the same experience with a friend in a different time zone as having a gossip cum an afternoon tea session with a friend next door :) .isn't that true...
 I so thank  Patty for sharing the lessor known sides of her ....which are so inspiring and cute :) Well, since it's about Patty, then now let me let her do the talking....Here's what she shares :).... when I asked ...

Tell me about Yourself Patty:I’m Patricia Torres, the common face behind Colours Dekor. I’m an accountant by day and an ardent blogger by evening time. Well…. We’ve all got 24 hours in a day… Time can only be maximised if you have the energy to maximise it…

So How do you plan your day!!!???......My day starts at 5.30am and ends at 10pm … Most mornings are rushed with preparing the kids to go to school, after which I attempt at spending an hour in the gym or going for a morning walk. Wow! You serious :)...and she says ...
Trust me… this is the last priority.. and often gets put off.. I am at work by 8.30am… Till about 4.30 pm I have my finance cap on and forget about anything creative… Really!!
How about evenings, how do you manage blogging so consistently with two and work...
Evenings are very disciplined… which means… that we spend an hour on home work… The kids are tucked in bed by 07.30pm… and by 8pm are fast asleep… Which means I get an hour before going to bed at 10pm… to blog, check on other blogs, etc.
And Weekends???...I am curious :)...
 I enjoy a Friday – Saturday weekend!! Fridays are mostly free with shopping and other home related chores like cleaning, clearing, DIYs, painting, redoing the house, etc. At most times, I include the kids in everything I do… If we paint something, I hand then a paint brush as well… If I’m clicking photographs, they come with their cameras as well.. Most DIYs are kid friendly which means, this is our time together… Saturdays are normally more busy with running around from one class to the other and organising ourselves for school the next day. I’ve always maintained the need to have a clean, and clutter free home. Which means, my daughters are more or less auto programmed to clean the area before I come home and clear the rooms before homework, sort their toys before going to bed.. Etc. This makes my life very easy. We have a designated area for nearly everything… example… our laptops when not in use have a shelf, the cables have a small drawer, school bags and other activity bags have a shelf, etc. So nearly everything has a permanent home. I guess having two girls makes it easier as well.. My younger daughter is a star at cleaning and de-cluttering.. It comes to her naturally… My older one is super lazy.. and needs a push.. But likes to keep only her stuff tidy.. .
I think you inherited it...and now passing it on ..As a growing adult, I was always interested in organising and re-arranging the house. The sofas, the cabinets would always be moved around. The layout of our home would never be the same. The tabletop would always have something new on it… As both my parents were working, I had ample time in the afternoons to browse through magazines and books and try my hand at creative stuff. I always loved to paint and do small craft work.. I’d make cards for nearly every occasion and everyone… I guess it was the fact that I had absolutely free afternoons, that drove me to learning something new. Even now, I am inspired by new ideas and new things. I love to try my hands and learn different things.

Colors Dekor....Blogging was a way to document all the little things I did in the house. That’s how Colours Dekor was born… and the name Colours only coz I totally love colours… and actually love any colour.. so it was the first name that came to my mind.. and luckily was not already taken.. *smiles*..

Isn't this one of nicest fairy tales you have heard and have been left asking for more.....fairy tale but true....actually ..We were so very proud of you Patty from the little we knew about you, but now that we know a little more ,...the appreciation has doubled :) ....

PS: do you know Patty also blogs at, it's her lessor known photography blog..but explore it and you will find it awesome...all images here are from Photography-Shutterbees, her new budding blog..:)

On a closing note ...I just wanted to thank all my bloggy friends for reading and following my blog since inception ...everytime one of you joins me as a follower I am doubly encouraged...I actually read at some blog and identify..... "You do not have to be a follower to  read my blog...but if you like my blog and things that I write about, please join me ! through google connect in the side bar,"... that would be your two cents to encourage me and surely that would make me happy :) ..not a big price :)...

Till next time ...God Bless and Take care:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mosaic on My Mind!:)

Pinterest is an amazing place, when you are in search of ideas, I actually stumbled upon the first image today while browing , it intrigued me...and I further digged into Pinterest for more ideas and not to my surprise found so many...after my last mosaic project ...I have this comfy feeling with I think I can venture into one more pretty soon....and so here I am, adding it to my DIY listy ....







All Images: Pinterest