Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cars !! Anyone :)

This was one of the most awaited Birthday Parties of the year for me ...two reason , one of course ...celebrating as our dear Anay (our close friends son ) turned one ...the other ...I was looking forward to the decorations...and I can say it was worth the wait...the mother is  awesome at decorations ...and you will agree once you see the
pictures below :) ....The party was themed as "CARS"...and so everything you can imagine associated with cars will find it here ...Everything was  meticulously depicted ...details in the decorations were amazing.... and actually at times you had to look closely , because there were areas , where if you don't , you would miss the details ....So without further delay ..Let me take you the the Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts ..those on formula one ...wear your helmets ..and here we Go .....Vroommmm!!!!!!

The Entrance to The Party Hall

The Traffic Light

The Directions

The Signs !!

The Party favors(return Gifts)

The Table Center Pieces

You could refuel yourself Here...!! The Gas station, and the Expressway to the Lunch Table

Party at a Glance !!

Little Car Themed Knick Knacks for the kids ....during the Party ..

And How Could we miss the Car themed Birthday Cake !!

And of course's the Mother at work..

Happy Birthday Anay !! It was an awesome ride!!!

Well, did you enjoy the ride much as I did ....if you did then do write to me and let me know :)

Will be back with more soon ...till then ..

Take Care ...and drive Safely :)


Amy Kathleen said...

Hello Sharkara:
I really love your blog. So creative! The picture of the "expressway poster" is wonderful! I will keep coming back!

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it! Please come by again.

-Amy Kathleen

Shanthi said...

That was one awesome ride with so many details.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Wow.. Awesome!! Your friend is so talented.. Love this party and the details..Sharing this with my friends!!!!

Tessy said...

What an awesome party. Lil Anay is really lucky :)

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

That looks like such a fun party! Lovely theme for the lil guy and great decorations!

Soumya said...

Good work! really loved the way its been interpreted at different places.

Tanya Anurag said...

This is absolutely fantastic... Can you please convey my love to Anay and his super creative Mom. Thanks to you for sharing it here.

Patricia Torres said...

oh my gosh!! totally loved this.. What a talented mom!! Well done.. Well done!! :-)

Poonam said...

Amazingly fun party!!! :) and nice theme too :) creative mum i must say!

SensitiveCreations.. said...

Thank You all for you lovely comments ..I am so glad you all liked it as much as I did :)

Madhu said...

Awesome party!! Loved all the little signs....Anay must have had super fun!!