Friday, September 2, 2011

A Crafty Weekend! Well...May be :)

Am I thinking crafts this weekend ...Well, may be considering it's going to rain ..and we might be stranded at home....but weather or not I make one this weekend , they are sure on my list :) ....on Second thoughts ... may be I am gearing up for my craft classes, which I plan to start in October this year !!! Yay!! I am excited ....
But where did these ideas sprang from ....hmm,..... I found them on Pinterest, made by some cool crafters ...  and actually each one of them looked to me interesting and doable...that I had to collect them at one place ...Hope you get some inspiration too...

This could very well be a soon to start project for me as I am an avid collector of Corks ....

Some cool Quilling Idea....May be Mona Would like it :)

This again is a part of my to do list, wish I would have saved those books , I threw when we shifted ..

My tax filing cabinet would sure get a makeover after looking at this one :)

By the way how are you planning your weekend lovelies...for some of you it's a labor day weekend , so a long weekend it will be , for my friends in Dubai..and India was Eid ,and Ganesh Chaturthi.. so I am sure you must be enjoying your vacation time...For people here...this is start of fall...Many  bloggy friends of mine have already started celebrating ...I am sure I too will join the celebrations soon with my two cents :) ...For now here'sWishing all of you a very HAPPY Weekend ....!!!

Will see you soon with more artsy and craftsy things and some good thoughts as usual !!! till then Take care :) and do drop me a line ,would love to know your thoughts about the post and  It will make me happy :)

Images: Pinterest


Just a Thought said...

Crafts and me are polar opposites concepts but then it is my duty to respond esp to you. And BTW weekend is an alien concept here in India. We don't have weekends, only workdays and that also as per the requirements of others who have the luxury of celebrating each and every weekends.

Patricia Torres said...

Are you pinning?? thats awesome.. Im there too... here link with me..

Oh.. also.. Happy Ganesh Chaturti... :-) Hope you had a lovely celebration..

Education said...

Really great one. i appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.

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