Monday, November 14, 2011

Sensitive Words !

Fall is finally on my window...and it's beautiful ..this year I just couldn't capture it , All my plans for a fall drive were made and got cancelled last minute,  ...but then so what.....Fall is on my window and it's  beautiful :) ....In the same mood , Here's presenting you a beautiful poem by my Grand Pa, It was originally written in Hindi , he has now translated it into English for the our readers world wide... 

I   hold   the   Infinite….
                           I hold the Infinite
                     In all His forms,
                             Within the small circle
                     Of my slender arms;

                             The wide Sky
                      Smiles thru my French window;
                              The wild Wind,
                      I breathe it in, as it slips out to go;
                             The raging Fire
                     Warms my hearth with a bright glow;
                              The infinite Water
                     Fights shyof my decanter in tow;

                              The infinite Time
                      Which turns days into years, 
                               Audibly ticks every second
                       In the clock above my dresser

                   ( The Sky,Wind,Fire,Water and Time are regarded as
                      infinite Gods in Indian scriptures )
                                                                    ...... Atul Kumar Jain 

 Image: Mine 

Hope you have a great week ahead !! :) 

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Sarmistha said...

Such a lovely poem .Fall is a season that brings out the best in a person .it's my fav time of the yr.