Monday, November 21, 2011

Sensitive Words!


 ... it's the special time of the year for all those who celebrate....So here's Wishing each one of you who celebrates 'A Very Happy THANKS GIVING"!!... ....and while you celebrate's what I brought for you :) ..Some Turkey ( I am talking country guys!! ;) and of course it's the weekly quota of good thoughts that some time change the world..Hope you enjoy and incorporate :)..

Make an appointment with yourself

We ought regularly to withdraw from the round of routine and renew ourselves ….set aside the time for this renewal,this examination of the self that we can meet only in
contemplation. A firm and specific date with one’s innerself is the
only way to establish the practice of daily meditation.

One must choose the time and place and keep the date with the same fidelity as one would a date with a friend….. remembering that
the self is one’s best friend and ought to be treated as such..

The benefits are enormous and the pleasure so great that one would not exchange these sessions for any number of idle hours.
….. Louis Finkelstein

And some quotes to ponder :)
1. If you want to be happy --Be.  .....Osho
2.A man with white streaks in his hair looks distinguished.A woman with white streaks looks extinguished.
3.Nature has given women so much power that law has very wisely given them little.....Samuel Johnson
4.All that we are is the result of what we have thought

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