Monday, November 28, 2011

Sensitive Words!

R e l a x ……..
Most of us in practically all our activities are driving with our brakes on. That brake is unconscious tension.
A basic cause of tension is putting too much emphasis on the ultimate goal, trying too hard to win. It is good to have a mental picture of our objective but your attention should be concentrated on
the specific job at hand. And when that job is done, remember there will be something else to be done tomorrow. So relax ! Life is not a hundred yards dash but more in the nature of a cross-country run.. And no one can sprint all the time.
......Joseph A Kennedy

Quotes that make you think :

1.Money is a good servant but a bad master. …Dominique Bounours

2.We all have a inbuilt judicial system that conducts its own trial.The act of prosecution starts as soon as something unfavourable happens or when our ego gets hurt….. Deepak Ranade

3.The self alone is real.All others are unreal. ….Raman Maharshi

4.Making a living is essential. However,remember making a life is important too. When the time comes to sum up our lives and all that we have done or achieved,we would find ourselves in deep red even if our
score in the former were high at the cost of the latter. ………..anonymous

It's really very thought provoking compilation, Grandpa, thanks for sharing...

So Mr. Blog how was your Thanksgiving Weekend...did you miss me ...Yes I did miss you too, but believe me ... it was soooo busy for me , that it was hard to catch up with anybody and it includes you ...Loads of shopping ,all my family pouring in ..and loads of  late nights ....yapping and chatting
...I am drained as of now but getting ready for the next one .....are you the way how was your Thank giving people ??
Take care and I will join you with more ..
Compilation: Shri Atul Kumar Jain
Image: Karmendra Jain
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