Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Weekend !

Hey Guys,

howz your weekend coming along, my Saturday has been quite exciting so far , I attended a sewing workshop in the morning  , and now thanks to that I can work on a sewing machine ....doesn't that sound like Fun!!.....Well now I can also do alterations ........ save some money and  have so much FUN!!....all at the same time...Have you attended any such class lately ( could be anything..) tell me about it ..I am all ears...

What else ! for quite sometime I am trying to   finish a  Table lamp..hopefully should be able to do it soon ....will show you some pictures :) Meanwhile you have a Happy weekend! ...catch you soon :) 

(Image: My Home )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

To all my readers , Here's wishing you a very Happy Valentines DAY!! What better gift for me , than stunning Petunia's straight from my Dad's Garden in India....It is at this time of the year the Garden is in full bloom and I miss being there, but get slightly compensated by looking at the pictures and getting updated about the upcoming blooms :) ..Howz your Valentine Day coming along folks ...

Image: Clicked by Shri Anand Kumar Jain , PLEASE DO NOT COPY!