Friday, February 8, 2013

Let Us Preserve!

Its another storm in our part of the world, 'Nemo' hopefully not that bad. I really hope  it remains a normal snow storm . The weather is changing , it really is , a reality everybody understands, but how many of us are actually working to make it better , We have time for everything else in the world but probably most of do not spare even a minute towards this.
"Little drops of water , little grains of sand , make the mighty ocean and the beauteous land." I totally believe in this Quote.
Doing small things like using a reusable bag instead of plastic bags, intentional car pools , not wasting water while brushing your teeth would not knowingly go a long way. If you are a little more enthusiastic , try planting a few saplings in your part of the world. Donate to the organization which actually uses that money to plant trees. See to it that it is done. Easier still Support the battle against Oil exploration in Alaska . DO something , all of us can contribute and I know it will make a difference.

Take care , stay warm and Have a Happy Weekend Friends!

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