Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's time !! Well Almost ...

Diwali is just around the corner, I have been on an idea collecting spree to decorate and embellish. Of course what better place than Pinterest . I love to shortlist there and then make use of it as per my convenience...Here's what I am up to :) ...I definitely am looking forward to the host of decorations by my fellow bloggers and friends ....

So treat to your eyes to this feast , while I make a to do list for Diwali :) and would love to know if you incorporated any of them in your decor. 

Tea lights

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Wonderful Diwali Decorations ideas 2013 for Office and Home

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Era Jewels!!

With Kids you can only do so much,...and one of our fellow blogger rightly said , I am so much in my car these days that I think I should start decorating my car :) ...That reminds me , I have to go for a car wash too this week , Whew!! another addition to my list.

Well!! Talking of lists...what is happening at your end ...getting ready for the holiday season. Are you ???...at my end I am slowly gearing up...with the decor , accessories, jewelery...and talking of accessories and jewelery , here I am today to to introduce you to a very beautiful store ...you can dig in and I am sure you will find loads of stuff to match your taste.

This one is a jewelery and accessory store named Era Jewel, it is a beautiful attempt by  Shaily Chaudhry Narolia to give her passion for jewelery a life. She sells through her page on FaceBook as well as in person at her small boutique. You can check out her collections here
Here is some of the stuff which I love :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Make it worth it!

My little one said " the good news is the weather is going to be like this forever and the bad news is the leaves are going to fall " She just said what she said...but think of it...Weather is going to be like this forever ...and let's consider ourselves like leaves then surely we sprout, bloom and then fall...true for all of us ...No one is spared...so why the negative emotions ..jealousy, competition, shrewdness....live and let live and of course enjoy your time on the earth :) 

Its going to be winter soon....till then.. basking in the golden fall ..