Friday, February 20, 2015

Let it Grow!!!

Sometimes you want to say a 100 things but your thoughts do not take the form of words. I have gone through this phase all this while...have thought of many a times of posting something ,...sharing my thoughts with the wider world ...but it just brewed ...

Well! the good news is that I have been nurturing a dream all this while and slowly working towards realizing what's the status now?? ,,hmm...the building is under construction ..some of the floors done some getting made...let me reveal ..

The Building is called NIRVAAN ,..Its a home decor store , predominantly with products , art and collectibles designed and handpainted by me ...It has been very warmly received by my next is the fraternity ...definitely looking forward to your reaction and support...what do I say except ..Let it Grow !! Let it grow !! !

16 x 16 inches cotton block print cushion covers, decorative pillow covers, red and Blue pillow covers

Banarasi Silk Cushion Cover with cotton back and zipper enclosure, 16x16 inches, Decorative Pillow , Bright Yellow decor Pillow, Zari work

Pen Holder, Basket, Knick Knack holder, Key holder, Red Pink and Yellow,Madhubani, Kalamkari

You can view the whole story on here on FaceBook and on Etsy . If you like it let me know :)