Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ganjifa Cards

Do you know about the GANJIFA Cards ? Seriously, till recently I had no idea about this art form ,till I stumbled upon a link in Jaypore where they were selling Ganjifa cards as wall art. I was pleasantly surprised ...searched a bit on our friendly Google and found out that they are actually playing cards used in the Mughal Era and are handmade in various art forms in the city of Mysore. Here's what Wikipedia has to say..

Ganjifa cards are circular or rectangular, and traditionally hand-painted by artisans. The game became popular at the Mughal court, and lavish sets were made, from materials such as precious stone-inlaid ivory or tortoise shell (darbar kalam). The game later spread to the general public, whereupon cheaper sets (bazâr kalam) would be made from materials such as woodpalm leaf, stiffened cloth or pasteboard. Typically Ganjifa cards have colored backgrounds, with each suit having a different colour. Different types exist, and the designs, number of suits, and physical size of the cards can vary considerably. The backs of the cards are typically a uniform color, without patterning.

What impressed me was the beautifully paintings so painstakingly made on each card ...depicting various Indian mythological figures and stories..I would say it is a great addition to any art lovers home ..
From what I found can get them at JayporeAmazon and Indiamart to name a few. 

and read more about them here and here 

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