Saturday, April 4, 2015

SrinathJi and Pichwai

Pichwai ....a spot light on the most beautiful form of Art depicting Lord Krishna, ..Pichwai is practiced in the town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan India. In this form of Art, Lord  Krishan is depicted as SrinathJi, The residing Deity of the temple of NathDwara. The temple of Nathdwara is said to be the second richest temple in India . 
The people of Nathdwara thrive mostly  on everything  which is connected with the temple. So be it the BHOG for the Mandir ( temple) the Puja Samagri or the paintngs depicting the Lord. 

Pichwai includes depicting Krishan either as almighty as he is potrayed in the mandir of Nathdwara, or showing various event of his life ...predominantly his ras leela with gopis and his youth. 

Pichwais are costly and are time taking work of art. But I can say for sure  they are one of the most enchanting pieces of art too. Apart from buying these originals directly from the artists on your visit to the temple , you can buy Pichwais, online too. There are many online sites where you can actually buy Pichwai's in various sizes. 
Mostly you should have a good budget  for the same. Some the places you can look for Pichwais are ..dollsofindia, indiamart, gopalarts,


Gopal Arts

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